• mainframe solutions for the next generation

    We expose mainframe data via RESTful API's enabling the development of mainframe microservices in modern programming languages.

  • Our Platform

    We’ve pioneered the ability to develop mainframe microservices without requiring them to be installed on the mainframe.

    We're called Mainframe Cloud because we allow you to manage your z/OS platform with the agility of a typical "cloud experience". Our platform deploys via SaaS but operates within the confines of your organisation's intranet. You can close your web-browser once you've launched.

  • Our Value

    Bridging the Gap Between Legacy & Digital

    Agile Development

    • Build new mainframe applications in modern programming languages.
    • No set-up or infrastructure required.
    • Decouple your business/application logic from the mainframe's system of record
    • Preserve your mainframe as a database server (rather than an application server)
    • Significantly increase the velocity/agility of your development
    • Mobilise your mobile/web developers by providing access to mainframe data in real-time.

    Seamless Deployment

    • SaaS deployment means that all new software applications are available 'on demand'
    • Because applications run 'off-host' it negates the need for extensive pre-installation testing
    • Our platform is launched via the internet but operates within the confines of your company intranet (this is our hybrid cloud). Close your web-browser once you've launched!

    No Installation Required

    • Our platform and apps are deployed with minimal set-up (i.e. 15-20 mins).
    • No infrastructure is required
    • Proprietary 'no install' architecture means no code is physically (or permanently) installed on the mainframe
    • All user permissions are managed via existing TSO credentials, we don't change any existing mainframe security settings.

    Write Once & Run Everywhere

    • Our solution architecture provides versatility across multiple platforms
    • New applications built in modern programming languages using MainSpace  are transferable to distributed platforms
    • No need to re-write applications or retrain developers.

    Low Risk & High Reward

    • Because our applications aren’t installed on the mainframe (& have less moving parts than traditional mainframe products) it reduces the risk that they will cause an abend or outage
    • Unlike most web server applications, the MfC Agent is designed to use significantly less mainframe resources and offloads most of the processing load to the PC platform.

    Our Products

    • Build your own applications using MainSpace or use our existing applications
    • All Apps are accessed via a single platform console that incorporates a ‘Windows’ style GUI.
    • Our ‘single pane of glass’ approach is designed to integrate and simplify mainframe operations
    • Application updates/enhancements are immediately available to new users on Login.
  • How it Works

    Our Solution Architecture Explained

  • Our Products

    As a mainframe user all you need to do is to Register on our website and set-up your profile.

    Once set-up, every time you want to run our applications, you simply go to our website and Log in. Alternatively our solution can be installed in your own private cloud environment.

    Need any assistance getting started? click here.

    Build New Mainframe Microservices in Web Code

    A RESTful API that exposes an array of z/OS services and allows you to build new micro-services or modernise existing applications in modern programming languages (e.g. JavaScript and HTML5) without needing to change the underlying mainframe code.

    Work with Mainframe Datasets

    View, search, copy and move mainframe datasets

    Manage Mainframe Operations

    Execute SDSF, SYSLOG, TSO & MVS system commands.

    View Db2 Tables

    Search and view Db2 Tables

    This application is in our pipeline, expect completion in Q3 2017

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  • User Resources

    Resources to assist you in getting started

    System Requirements

    MfC Help Guide

    Explore Tutorials

    Command Tutorials

    MainSpace Guide

    MainSpace Apps in GitHub

  • Clients

    Projects & Case Studies

    Enabling the Next Generation of IT Professionals

    Sector: Government

    The ATO is the Australian Government's principal revenue collection agency. A number of ATO staff require access to mainframe information in order to perform their roles effectively. Accessing mainframe information often requires assistance from specialist mainframe staff. Mainframe Cloud's Explore and Command applications allow non-specialists to navigate the mainframe in a user intuitive way without requiring specialist assistance. The result is an increase in the level of efficiency and productivity.

  • Our Team

    Ben Pearson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ben is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mainframe Cloud. He has 15 years’ experience in start-ups across a range of industries ranging from environmental management, supply and logistics, financial services, waste management and vocational training.

    Frank Fera

    Chief Technology Officer

    Frank is the CTO & Founder of Mainframe Cloud. Frank is a career software developer with 20 + years’ experience in mainframe. Although he is verbally fluent in English (and a bit of Italian) he is proficient at coding in multiple languages.

    Gillian Riches

    Software Development Manager

    Gillian is responsible for all aspects of software delivery from QA testing to delivery. Gillian has 30+ years in mainframe software development, working in programming, QA and project management for government, business and ISV's.

    Peter Smith

    Principal Engineer

    Peter has 30+ years experience in mainframe software engineering. He specializes in System z development as well as debugging of high level assembler, REXX and MVS Systems Programming. Peter has extensive experience in the banking sector and working for ISV's.

  • Press

    In the Media

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